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From the Manufacturer: Ghoulia Yelps boasts beautiful blue hair with dark streaks. Her pale gray complexion is enhanced by vibrant green and blue eyeshadow, along with deep red lips.

The doll is supplied with a range of outfits, such as a black shirt featuring a brain groove print, a white tank displaying a “Brains” graphic, and a cropped green hoodie with black mesh sleeves. Additionally, there are pink shorts with a drippy hem and a black skirt adorned with a colorful splatter print.

There is a variety of accessories available, including a brain snack, laptop, gaming headset, and a purse shaped like a tombstone. The jewelry options comprise a light blue harness, white glasses, and pink gamer earrings.

Coffin Container
With Ghoulia is a coffin-shaped locker that has one large door and four locked compartments. The inside of the door is decorated with a variety of Ghoulia-themed graphics.

Four keys can be used to unlock the compartments. When dipped in water a key changes to a color that matches the compartment it unlocks.

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Ghoulia Yelps



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