Neon Frights Twyla


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From the Manufacturer: Twyla flaunts beautiful light blue hair, adorned with bangs and delicate purple highlights. Her pale purple skin is perfectly complemented by a blend of aqua and purple eyeshadow, harmonizing with her purple lips.

The doll is accompanied by an assortment of outfits, featuring a blue top, a graphic tee with the word “Dream,” and a light blue hooded jacket with bunny ears and sleeves made of black mesh. Additionally, there are lavender pleather shorts and a printed black skirt. The footwear options include thigh-high translucent aqua boots and black & lavender sneakers.

The accessories include a book titled “Shadows,” earbuds, a plate of cookies, and a purple lantern. As for jewelry, she wears a light purple harness, silver earrings, and carries a turquoise purse.

Coffin Container
With Toralei is a coffin-shaped locker that has one large door and four locked compartments. The inside of the door is decorated with a variety of Twyla-themed graphics.

Four keys can be used to unlock the compartments. When dipped in water a key changes to a color that matches the compartment it unlocks.

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