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From the Manufacturer: Draculaura features long black hair with striking streaks of dark pink. Her pale pink skin is complemented by pink and yellow eyeshadow, and she completes her look with lovely lavender lips.

The doll is equipped with a variety of outfits, such as a sleeveless dark pink top adorned with pink bats, a sleeveless pink shirt featuring a “Vamp” graphic, and a pink hoodie with stylish black accents and black mesh sleeves.

Additionally, there’s a black skirt with gold accent strips and a patterned skirt with alternating black, white, and yellow stripes adorned with pink hearts. Completing her ensemble, she has pink boots and white pumps with thick lavender platforms.

Draculaura’s accessories feature a laptop, a face mask, a face roller, and batty chocolate sticks. In the jewelry department, there are yellow heart earrings, a pink charm necklace, a stylish pink harness, and a pink heart-shaped purse.

Coffin Container
With Draculaura is a coffin-shaped locker that has one large door and four locked compartments. The inside of the door is decorated with a variety of Draculaura-themed graphics.

Four keys can be used to unlock the compartments. When dipped in water a key changes to a color that matches the compartment it unlocks.

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